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At the end of September, I went back to MagicFitter’s Studio. This time, I was days away from my wedding with a pretty horrible bridal nightmare on my hands.

After nine months of fittings at a highly regarded bridal salon in Soho where I purchased my dress in February, the result I took home was ill-fitting at best, incomplete at worst. I left the bridal salon knowing my efforts to fix this thing there were 99.9% moot, but I got in a cab anyway and took the dress straight to MagicFitters.

Most places would have either 1) baulked and turned me away (it was a lot of work in a pretty unreasonable time frame), or 2) agreed to some element of alteration for the same boatload of cash I just paid to the Soho bridal salon. But like I said earlier, Oksana, the owner of MagicFitters, is a woman with integrity. She saw a person in need of help and extended her hand.

Oksana and Yuliya went through every detail and flaw in the gown. It needed a TON of work, but Yuliya remained resolute in her commitment to not only fix the dress but improve it. She added beautiful hand beading and intricate design details that blew me away. Within the week, Yuliya had overhauled the entire thing and fit it to my frame perfectly. Oksana kept me posted in real time via texts on Yuliya’s miracle work, sending me photos of the progress and putting my mind at ease. They even made special trips to the Garment District to get the right type of lace this particular dress needed (these women are angels amongst us). When I say they went above and beyond, I am not exaggerating.

It was all-hands-on-deck at MagicFitters to get this dress in shape by my wedding date, and it is not an exaggeration when I say that Oksana and her team moved heaven and earth for me. They recreated what the dress was supposed to be from the ground up, and the result was truly magic.

Thank you, Oksana and team, for keeping me sane and for making me the dress of my dreams.

I can’t recommend Oksana and MagicFitters enough. You will not find a more dependable, honest and quality service. That’s what MagicFitters is all about.