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After spending about a year looking for and considering alterations/tailoring professionals in Manhattan, I was introduced (by word of mouth) to Magic Fitters. Since then, I had three visits with them and every time received an impeccable, fast service and clothes (pants, dresses, skirts) that now perfectly and comfortably fit to my body.

It really makes a difference to get your favorite clothing fitted, and Magic Fitters does not shy away from a challenge of any kind (which is in stark contrast to many other tailors I tried). For example, they transformed a size M dress to size S by fitting the shoulders, waist, back and adjusting the length — a total transformation!

In addition, you do not need to know exactly what you want to be done to your clothes. The Magic Fitters professionals will make recommendations and suggestions for making your garments work for you.

Furthermore, they treat your clothes with respect and care, so, unlike my experiences with other tailors, I did not have to send the clothes to a dry cleaner to be steamed, etc. before wearing them again.

The studio is spacious and well-lit and is conveniently located across from a subway stop on 16th Street (F and M trains).